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    5 Advantages of a Photoscreener Monthly Subscription

    The business of healthcare is challenging for large and small organizations alike. Cash flow and capital
    investments are usually ongoing concerns. Receivables like insurance payments and patient out-of-pocket
    fees impact cash flow. On the payables side, it can be hiring and retaining staff, keeping up inventory, or
    simply unexpected expenses. While new technology keeps you competitive, improves efficiency, and
    opens the door to new services, it can increase operating and capital expenses.

    Over 6,500 physicians use GoCheck Kids photoscreener to detect vision problems early while
    they can still be treated. With more than four million patient screens conducted using our
    technology and smartphones, GoCheck Kids has proven to be a game-changing tool. Our all-
    inclusive subscription pricing is a game-changer too.

    No capital costs

    GoCheck Kids users gain access to the latest photoscreening technology and services without a capital
    outlay. By providing the necessary equipment, there’s no need to worry about asset depreciation, disposal
    costs, or even the maintenance of physical assets. Capital funds can be focused on other growth and
    revenue-producing initiatives.

    Predictable monthly payment

    Not only do we ship the GoCheck Kids smartphone needed, but you get unlimited screens at a low
    monthly rate. Ongoing costs are predictable, with no unexpected expenses, so you can more effectively
    budget and manage cash flow.

    Low risk
    Without the need for capital investment, physician offices, healthcare clinics, schools, and Head Starts
    have freedomthe freedom to test and try new technology and without an up front expense. GoCheck
    Kids photoscreeners are easy to scale. Take advantage of changing market conditions or business needs
    by quickly adjusting the number of devices you use. 
    Automatic updates
    Automatic, remote software updates (with no downtime) ensure you always have access to the
    latest features. Stay ahead of the competition with regular updates that follow AAP, AAPOS,
    and AAO guidelines. You don’t need to buy a photoscreener for thousands of dollars only to see
    it become obsolete in a few years.
    GoCheck Kids platform
    Another key advantage of GoCheck Kids’ photoscreening subscription pricing is all that our
    screening platform offers: gocheckkids_doctor_child_vision_scanning-2
    • A cloud-based administrative portal
    • Two-way EHR integration
    • Easy network standardization
    • Healthy ROI (99173, 99174, 99177 billable CPT codes)
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Reimbursement support
    • Implementation support
    • First 90 days of image review
    • Self-service and online training tools
    • Bulk patient upload to device

    Simply powerful tech without the big price tag
    Learn more about the many benefits of GoCheck Kids’ subscription pricing and what it can mean for your



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