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    An easy way to detect pediatric vision problems early

    Being able to screen children who are not yet able to use an eye chart is crucial in identifying problems early and starting treatment that, if not initiated, could result in permanent vision loss.
    -- Lisa M. Pepka , MD, pediatrician, Phoenix Children’s Pediatrics

    Dr. Pepka was inspired to go into medicine early. Her father was a pediatrician, and she helped care for her grandmother. A n Arizona native , Dr. Pepka attended the University of Arizona College of Medicine and completed her residency at Phoenix Children's Hospital/Maricopa Medical Center. She was drawn to Phoenix Children’s by its collaborative spirit .

    Phoenix Children's is one of the nation's largest pediatric health systems , provid ing inpatient, outpatient, trauma, emergency , and urgent care . It includes Phoenix Children's Hospital, four pediatric specialty and urgent care centers, 11 community pediatric practices, 20 outpatient clinics, two ambulatory surgery centers , and seven outpatient clinics .
    Quick results with a simple yet innovative vision screening solution

    Alma Cruz worked with Dr. Pepka at Phoenix Children’s Pediatrics , and her three children love “Dr. Lisa.” During 18 - month - old Alyssa’s well - child exam, Dr. Pepka used the GoCheck Kids
    photoscreener solution for a routine vision screening. The software immediately alerted Dr. Pepka to a potential issue . A referral to Phoenix Children’s ophthalmologist Dr. Elyssa Rosenthal confirmed astigmatism. Now wearing her first pair of glasses, Alyssa enjoys see ing her loved ones more clearly.

    Knowing that astigma tism can be heredity, Alma immediately scheduled a comprehensive eye exam for her seven - year - old daughter , Angelina . That exam discovered she , too , had ast igmatism. Alma realizes that if Angelina had had a GoCheck Kids vision screening when she was Alyssa’s age, her astigmatism could have been addressed years earlier.
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    A children’s eye care solution before they’re ready for the wall chart

    The traditional eye chart is an effective tool. But, for very young children who can’t use one yet, a photoscreener is an ideal option. GoCheck Kids is t he leading digital vision screening platform
    for children . The iPhone - based screener ensures the process is easy and unintimidating to use during a well - child visit , and the technology easily integrates with EHR software.
    T he GoCheck Kids screener detects myopia, hyperopia, a nisometropia , o cular m isalignment (s trabismus ), and a stigmatism . An ophthalmologist reviews the results if the device picks up an
    issue during an exam. If they agree with the findings, the patient is referred for additional testing and treatment when needed.

    As Dr. Pepka explains, “GoCheck Kids removes barriers and enables providers to conduct vision screenings on pediatric patients and immediately alert families to potential vision issues .”

    Learn more about Phoenix Children’s Pediatrics experience with GoCheck Kids.
    Improved outcomes, efficiency & revenue

    With GoCheck Kids , physicians can conduct vision screening tests for patients too young for a visual acuity test. This digital vision screener is used by over 6,500 pediatric teams across
    some of the most trusted child ren’s health systems.

    The lightweight, wireless smartphone design makes GoCheck Kids easy to use. And it saves time for clinical staff. One health system eliminated 1,310 hours of administrative time a year by integrating GoCheck Kids with Epic.

    GoCheck Kids is the only screener that qualifies for visual acuity and both photoscreening codes. It’s the most affordable screener, reducing the cost by over 50% by leveraging the iPhone’s advanced technologies. There are no upfront costs to pilot GoCheck Kids.