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    GoCheck Kids Delivers Systemwide Benefits - One Child at a Time

    A large healthcare organization in the southeastern U.S. needed a state-of-the-art pediatric vision screening solution that would easily integrate with their Epic EHR. They chose the GoCheck Kids smartphone-based vision screening platform because of its customized integration, ease of use, and improved efficiency and revenue.

    What they didn’t expect was that one of the first children to benefit from a screening would be one of their own. 

    Winning over a skeptic
    When GoCheck Kids was introduced to their pediatric practices, one pediatrician was a bit skeptical that a simple smartphone would detect risk factors. She remained unsure even after the GoCheck Kids scanner detected significant myopia in her child’s eye during a 12-month checkup. The two ophthalmologists they saw after the check-up confirmed that myopia was affecting the child’s vision. Both were impressed with GoCheck Kids’ ability to detect it at that age. 

    It’s difficult for parents or pediatricians to notice deficits before very young children show obvious signs.
    Without this photoscreening technology, the condition likely would have gone undetected until the child was old enough for a traditional wall chart. 

    Custom integration 
    The GoCheck Kids integration was customized for the health system’s specifications, workflow, reporting, and operational needs. Standardization was the priority for their team as it allows them to consistently meet the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. 

    Improved outcomes & efficiency
    The health system’s pediatric offices easily adopted GoCheck Kids. They found it didn’t affect or slow down appointments, and they could quickly and efficiently get patients roomed. With the success in pediatric practices, they’ve expanded GoCheck Kids’ use to family medicine. 

    Why chose GoCheck Kids?
        •    Conduct vision screening tests for patients too young for a visual acuity test
        •    Join over 6,500 pediatric teams across some of the most trusted children’s health systems 
        •    Save clinical staff time - one health system eliminated 1,310 hours of administrative time a year by integrating GoCheck Kids with Epic.
        •    Improves workflow by leveraging the smartphone’s advanced technologies
        •    Qualifies for 3 CPT codes

    Find out how easy it is to integrate GoCheck Kids!