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    GoCheck Kids: Optimizing Your Practice’s Workflow

    Practitioners everywhere are finding ways to become more efficient in the workspace. GoCheck Kids’ pediatric vision screener offers many perks that will help improve workflow efficiency in your practice during well check visits and beyond! Here are a few reasons why GoCheck Kids’ vision screener should be implemented in your practice:

    GoCheck Kids Improves Patient/Practitioner Relationship 
    The most important thing a practitioner can do is maintain a positive patient-practitioner relationship. GoCheck Kids allows pediatricians to administer accurate vision screenings as early as age one. The earlier a child’s vision impairment is detected, the earlier the problem can be addressed or treated.  

    GoCheck Kids’ Easy-to-Use Interface
    Not only does GoCheck Kids help practitioners make accurate referrals through vision screenings, but the interface of the GoCheck Kids app is easy to use. With a few steps, practitioners will see their patients’ vision screening results. GoCheck Kids’ vision screener is also FDA-registered and backed by peer-reviewed literature by leading pediatric ophthalmologists.

    Two-way EHR integration
    GoCheck Kids’ vision screener is the only pediatric vision screener with two-way EHR integration. Ophthalmologists can easily see the pediatrician’s vision screening results from the EHR vision screen.


    No More Bulky Devices 
    Along with GoCheck Kids’ easy to use digital interface, the device is familiar to most smartphones! Other vision screeners on the market are bulky and can be complicated to use. With GoCheck Kids, the smartphone is shipped to you and easy to set up. GoCheck Kids is on a modern OS, as well as in the cloud. It continuously delivers ever-richer UX upgrades. 

    Photoscreening and Visual Acuity Available in One Device
    GoCheck Kids has the option for both photoscreening and visual acuity screening in one device. Photoscreening which takes less than a minute and, the easy-to-use visual acuity screening allows for more time-efficient in-office testing. GoCheck Kids gives you the ability to check both photo refractive errors and visual acuity, saving time for you and the patient! GoCheck Kids is continuing to evolve to maintain and improve efficiency in the workspace. GoCheck Kids’ visual acuity and photoscreening detects multiple vision impairments that otherwise could have gone undetected which is another reason why every practitioner should implement our technology in their practice.

    If you want to optimize your workspace’s productivity, or just want to learn more about GoCheck Kids, Contact Us today