NASHVILLE, TN (October 19, 2021) – GoCheck, creator of GoCheck Kids, the leading digital vision screening platform, announced today an investment round of $10 million to grow its team, platform, and customer partnerships.
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    GoCheck Raises $10 Million in New Funding to Protect More Children from Vision Impairment and Blindness


    NASHVILLE, TN (October 19, 2021) – GoCheck, creator of GoCheck Kids, the leading digital vision screening platform, announced today an investment round of $10 million to grow its team, platform, and customer partnerships.   

    6,500 pediatric teams on three continents trust GoCheck Kids to prevent vision impairment and blindness in children. These hospitals, private practices, schools, and screening organizations have screened 5 million patients.

    “The research is clear, so much in a child’s life is transformed when they can see well their confidence, relationships, learning, and eventual educational and financial outcomes,” said Kevon Saber, GoCheck’s CEO.  “We are striving for a future where everyone everywhere can see and fulfill their potential and children, parents, and providers are no longer in the dark. This financing is a step toward this brighter future and a testament to both the massive unmet need for pediatric vision screening and the resolve of GoCheck’s teammates.” 

    Vision impairment is the most prevalent disabling childhood condition. GoCheck Kids has increased health equity and access by expanding the points of vision screening. GoCheck Kids is the only integrated vision screening solution that meets the American Academy of Pediatrics and other medical societies’ guidelines for patients 1 through 18 years-old. GoCheck Kids’ comprehensive digital vision screening platform enables the most extensive ROI for providers. 

    “In our primary care practices at Nemours, we’ve found that when we bring together clinical quality and advanced technology, we can deliver state-of-the-art healthcare more efficiently to reduce friction and create a better patient care experience. GoCheck Kids is doing that with a solution that provides exceptional clinical results with a high return on investment,” said Dr. Jonathan Miller, Medical Director of Value-Based Care for Nemours Children’s Health System. 

    Hatteras Venture Partners and Pisgah Fund (affiliated with HCA) co-led the round, with new investors CU Healthcare Innovation Fund (affiliated with the University of Colorado) and WakeMed Hospitals Innovation Venture Fund, and existing investors Marc Benioff (Founder/CEO of Salesforce), Interwest Partners, FCA Venture Partners, Sovereign’s Capital, and Mucker Capital participating.

    “GoCheck Kids’ artificial intelligence breakthroughs have finally enabled pediatric providers to avoid both upfront capital investment for vision screening and the tragedy of permanent vision loss in children,” said John Crumpler, General Partner at Hatteras Venture Partners. “We believe GoCheck’s team has the potential to revolutionize vision care in America and the rest of the world by accelerating access and equity, and also lower health care costs.”


    About GoCheck

    GoCheck, a digital health company and creator of GoCheck Kids, serves pediatric teams in their quest to prevent vision impairment, the most prevalent disabling condition among children in the U.S. and many countries. GoCheck Kids is the leading digital vision screening platform for children. Vision diseases usually lead to compromised learning, blindness, or death.  GoCheck Kids made early screening affordable, reducing the cost by over 50% by leveraging the iPhone’s advanced technologies such as CoreML and its manufacturing scale. It’s also FDA-registered and CE-certified.


    About Hatteras Venture Partners

    Hatteras Venture Partners is a venture capital firm based in Research Triangle Park, NC with a focus on seed and early-stage opportunities in biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare IT, and related opportunities in human medicine. The firm has over $700 million under management in six venture capital funds. Hatteras is led by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs and operators and has a long and successful track record of seed and early stage investing and company formation.


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