Prevent Vision Impairment and Blindness with Cloud-Based Vision Screening

Backed by peer reviewed literature and leading pediatric ophthalmologists, GoCheck Kids helps you increase quality, meet AAP’s vision screening guidelines, and protect kids’ vision.

Protecting Kids from Preventable Vision Impairment and Blindness With:

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Detect Amblyopia Risk Factors and Other Refractive Errors Before It’s Too Late

  • 1 in 4 kids have a vision problem. If untreated, they can lead to learning disabilities and blindness2
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye) is the leading cause of vision loss in kids but is almost always treatable if detected early3
  • Treatment efficacy declines starting at age 5, early detection and treatment are key4

Meet AAP Recommendations

The AAP, AAPOS, and AAO recommend photoscreening starting as early as age 1 and visual acuity attempted at age 4. Perform both with GoCheck Kids.1


Partner with Vision Experts

Leverage on device results or expert remote image analysis for optimal reimbursement and referrals.

What GoCheck Kids Detects

  • Myopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Anisometropia
  • Strabismus*
GoCheck Kids Photoscreener and Visual Acuity Risk Factor Screens

*Strabismus is determined by evaluating the position of the corneal reflexes during manual grading.

Download the Free eBook, “Pediatric Vision Photoscreening: An Evidence-Based Overview”

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“As much as 80% of early learning is visual, and early vision issues can lead to learning disabilities. Pediatricians have long needed a reliable, fast, and cost-efficient way to detect vision risks affecting almost 1 in 4 children. GoCheck Kids has met this need with their innovative solution”

Dr. Alan Greene, Pediatrician

Select Medical Advisers

Dr. Pamela Gallin

“Vision loss in children is a national health crisis rarely talked about. I highly recommend vision screening with GoCheck Kids. There’s no other screener meeting AAP and AAPOS guidelines for photoscreening and visual acuity from birth through adolescence.”
-Dr. Pamela Gallin, Director Emeritus Pediatric Ophthalmology
Columbia University Medical Center

Dr. Bob Arnold

“Even in high risk and very young children, GoCheck Kids can reliably screen for refractive risk factors that lead to amblyopia. I continue to be impressed with the results! ”
-Dr. Bob Arnold, Pediatric Ophthalmologist

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Your Complete Vision Screening Solution

GoCheck Offering

“The yield on GoCheck Kids is so much higher than all the other screenings we do.”

Dr. Richard Loomis, Pediatric Division Chief
Sutter Health Sacramento

GoCheck Kids Inventor and Co-founder

David Huang


  • Co-inventor of OCT – most widely used diagnostic in ophthalmology
  • 16 issued patents
  • #1 inventor in 2019 by The Ophthalmologist magazine
  • M.D. Harvard University, Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Clinical FAQs

Is GoCheck Kids Clinically Valid?

Yes. It’s FDA-registered and backed by peer reviewed literature and leading pediatric ophthalmologists.

Is GoCheck Kids Trusted?

Yes. Many thousands of pediatricians trust GoCheck Kids and 99% stick with the program after their pilot.

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