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We built a more convenient, effective way to calculate visual acuity, and we are very excited to launch our interactive Digital Visual Acuity test.

Here is a pediatrician administering our digital visual acuity test to a patient:

Gocheck Kids digital visual acuity test

performing digital visual acuity test

Visual Acuity Basics: Threshold VA Versus Critical Line VA

Traditional threshold VA involves showing a child multiple lines from a wall chart. The child is required to read the lines from the top down until he or she incorrectly identifies 3 of 5 optotypes.

Critical line VA is a more streamlined approach that entails having the child attempt to read only the line designated for his or her age.

GoCheck Kids Simplifies VA Testing

In addition to photoscreening, GoCheck Kids now gives providers the ability to select one of two types of digital visual acuity (VA) testing methods: threshold VA or critical line VA.

GoCheck Kids Digital VA (both threshold and critical line) is fast and easy compared to traditional VA wall chart testing because it:

  • “Game-ifies” the test, making it fun for kids
  • Utilizes a testing distance of only 5’
  • Eliminates tester bias

Optotypes Examples:

digital visual acuity app


Which Type of Digital VA Is Right For You?

Both digital threshold VA and critical line VA are efficient and effective methods for vision screening.

Critical line VA is about 50% faster than threshold, as children are only required to read a single line. However, threshold VA provides more specific results reporting.

For both types of VA, the app provides immediate results.

Threshold VA:

Reports the exact VA of each eye.

pediatric visual acuity test result

Critical Line VA: 

Reports if the child passes or fails the critical line for his or her age.

digital visual acuity risk factor

Try GoCheck Kids

GoCheck Kids now combines photoscreening and digital VA in a single device, making it the only comprehensive pediatric vision screeneer.

Physicians can effectively screen more children early for risk factors of amblyopia (the #1 cause of permanent childhood vision loss), when treatment has been shown to work the best.

Join your peers who have made the choice to prevent permanent vision loss with GoCheck Kids.

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  • stacey cervantes

    Is the VA part new to the app? Can someone contact me with more information

    • Bryan Loomis

      Hi Stacey! We’ve had Visual Acuity for a while actually. I’ll have someone reach out with more details. Thanks!

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