Facts & Figures

  • Vision disorders are the #1 disabling condition among children
  • 18 million kids in the United States under age 6 are at risk for permanent vision loss and vision-related setbacks
  • From a national economic perspective, lifetime disability payments alone are over $19,000 for each person with undetected amblyopia (the leading cause of childhood blindness), whereas catching a child with amblyopia only costs $150
  • Effective screening cuts the national economic toll of amblyopia in half
  • Founded in 2011
    • David Huang had an epiphany: smartphone flash photography could be used to detect fatal retinal cancers in children and other prevalent eye diseases while they could still be treated   
    • David Huang, MD (Harvard), PhD (MIT), is also the co-inventor of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).
  • Backed by Marc Benioff (Founder/CEO of Salesforce), Interwest Partners (89 IPOS), FCA Venture Partners, and Sovereigns Capital
  • Customer retention from one month to the next is 99.7%
  • FDA-registered and CE approved
  • 6,500 pediatric providers are using GoCheck Kids
  • Generates revenue solely through subscriptions
  • Pediatricians and Hospitals receive unlimited screenings for a low monthly subscription fee
  • Screenings are generally reimbursable in the U.S.
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