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Stephanie Messercola is a Physician’s Assistant at Glen Falls Pediatric Consultants.  Glen Falls Pediatric Consultants has 15 providers and 2 locations.

Stephanie has practiced in upstate New York since 2005.

Our CEO, Kevon Saber, sat down with Stephanie to discuss GoCheck Kids.

Glen Falls Pediatrics chooses GoCheck Kids for vision screening

Kevon: Stephanie, how did you start looking for a vision screener?

Stephanie: With our old standalone device breaking down regularly, we looked into GoCheck Kids after seeing it featured in a journal. Immediately we liked the convenient size and pricing.

Kevon: Providers frequently approach us when they’re tired of being unable to screen.  Since we do not have to manufacture a device, we are able to pass along savings so that more kids can be screened.  How did you know you picked the right solution?

Stephanie: GoCheck Kids won over our whole office as each of us had started catching children for the first time.  Every one of our providers has their own story.  Mine was an 18-month-old with severe bilateral amblyopia. Her parents had no idea and we wouldn’t have caught her with traditional techniques.

Kevon: Stories like yours motivate us to get up every day.  What else do you want other providers to know?

Stephanie: With our old single-purpose screener, we had to share between providers and nurses. With GoCheck Kids, we easily have enough devices to match our office layout and workflow needs. We screened 3,300 children last year.

It’s also quite easy for nurses to learn. Parents and kids like the sounds and speed. Everyone is grateful for convenient size and the instant results.

Kevon: Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your experience!

Stephanie: We are very happy with GoCheck Kids. This technology impacts our patients’ lives. It has been a wonderful resource to our practice.

Join Stephanie and 2,500 of your peers who are using GoCheck Kids to detect amblyopia risk factors in children too young for a visual acuity test.

You can get started quickly.

Your detection plan: Press button. Sign up. We ship you iPhones. You start screening in minutes.

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