Prevent permanent vision loss using a phone

We ship you smartphones with our application pre-loaded and ready for two tests: photoscreening and digital visual acuity screening.


Detect amblyopia risk factors using a single photo.
Our photoscreener uses proprietary software and a smartphone’s camera and flash to capture and analyze your patient’s red reflex. This process detects risk factors for amblyopia and provides immediate results.

Snap a photo

Line up circles with your patient’s eyes and take the picture.

Instant Results

Get results on the app instantly
or view results later in our web portal.

Send to EHR

Fax test results to your EHR from the app.

gocheck kids ehr integration

Digital Visual Acuity

Perform visual acuity in any room with a 5 foot test distance.

Try For Free

Sign up for a free trial. We ship you phones. Start screening in minutes.

A Clinically Validated Screening Solution

Leading pediatric ophthalmologists have studied GoCheck Kids and found its specificity and sensitivity equal to high-cost vision screeners.¹


Specificity 85%
Sensitivity 80%
Inconclusives 4%


Specificity 88%
Sensitivity 75%
Inconclusives 13%


Specificity 88%
Sensitivity 83%
Inconclusives 23%

GoCheck Kids

Specificity 91%
Sensitivity 81%
Inconclusives 3%