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GoCheck Kids iPhone App makes children’s vision screening cost-effective, improves the patient experience and drives significant clinical and financial value for leading health systems

NASHVILLE, TN – GoCheck, creator of GoCheck Kids, an iPhone app used by over 6,500 pediatric care teams to detect vision impairment in pre-verbal children, announced its one-millionth child screened, with over 55,000 visual impairments flagged over the company’s history. 

Before GoCheck Kids, the only way for hospital systems to screen pre-verbal children was to purchase an expensive hardware device that costs more than $20,000 over several years, including repairs, warranties and manual workflow. Due to this financial barrier, most children do not receive the necessary testing they need during the vital period when treatment is possible. By leveraging the iPhone’s powerful operating system, intuitive design and ease of use, the GoCheck Kids app is able to lower health systems’ costs and improve deployment efficiencies. This makes vision screening a compelling proposition for organizations serving children regardless of their socio-economic status. 

“In our primary care practices at Nemours, we’ve found that when we bring together clinical quality and advanced technology, we can deliver state-of-the-art healthcare more efficiently to reduce friction and create a better patient care experience. GoCheck Kids is doing that with a solution that provides exceptional clinical results with a high return on investment,” said Dr. Jonathan Miller, Medical Director of Value-Based Care for Nemours Children’s Health System. “During our initial pilot of GoCheck Kids, we were pleased with the low-risk commitment provided by the minimal financial barrier to entry. Our continuous adoption of new and innovative technologies like GoCheck Kids enables our care teams to provide the kind of family-centered, cutting-edge care that our patients have come to know and trust.”

With GoCheck Kids, a nurse or technician takes a picture of the child’s eyes with an iPhone, and proprietary technology analyze the result, providing immediate information on the status of the child’s vision. This process provides the pediatrician with the information necessary to determine if the child should see an eye care professional for a full exam. The procedure, known as photoscreening, is reimbursed by most insurers and is considered the standard of pediatric care by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), American Academy of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus (AAPOS) and American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). By the end of 2019, GoCheck Kids will incorporate Apple CoreML (machine learning software) to improve image recognition, increase clinical efficacy and detect more disorders. GoCheck Kids is HIPAA compliant and data security, privacy, and ongoing protection are at the core of the company’s quality management system’s standard operating procedures.

“The research is clear, so much in a child’s life is transformed when they can see well their confidence, relationships, learning, and eventual educational and financial outcomes,” said Kevon Saber, CEO of GoCheck Kids. “While we’re proud of screening one million children, we won’t stop fighting until every child can see what they’re capable of.  We’re also thrilled to leverage our ever-growing image library and Core ML to support a new standard in pediatric healthcare.” 

According to the CDC, vision impairment is the most prevalent disabling condition in the U.S. GoCheck Kids is the first iPhone app registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to screen the one in four children under six-years-old that have a correctable vision impairment, including amblyopia. Amblyopia, the leading cause of vision loss in children, and most vision disorders are correctable if discovered through early detection. GoCheck Kids makes early screening affordable, reducing the cost by over 60 percent with its bi-directional EHR integrations, and by leveraging iOS technology. 


About GoCheck

GoCheck, creator of GoCheck Kids, serves over 5,000 pediatric teams in their quest to prevent vision impairment, the most prevalent disabling condition among children in the U.S. and many countries. Vision diseases usually lead to compromised learning, blindness, and even death. GoCheck Kids made early screening affordable, reducing the cost by over 60% by leveraging the iPhone’s manufacturing scale. It’s also FDA-registered and CE certified. GoCheck is backed by Interwest Partners, FCA Venture Partners, Mucker Capital, Sovereign’s Capital and Marc Benioff (Salesforce founder/CEO).


About Nemours Children’s Health System

Nemours is an internationally recognized children’s health system that owns and operates the two free-standing children’s hospitals: Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Del., and Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Fla., along with outpatient facilities in five states, delivering pediatric primary, specialty and urgent care. Nemours also powers the world’s most-visited website for information on the health of children and teens, KidsHealth.org, and offers on-demand, online video patient visits through Nemours CareConnect. Nemours ReadingBrightstart.org is a program dedicated to preventing reading failure in young children, grounded in Nemours’ understanding that child health and learning are inextricably linked, and that reading level is a strong predictor of adult health.

Established as The Nemours Foundation through the legacy and philanthropy of Alfred I. duPont, Nemours provides pediatric clinical care, research, education, advocacy and prevention programs to families in the communities it serves.


Andrew Young, PR & Marketing Manager



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