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A virtual panel discussion featuring innovation leaders from:

It’s about time you got access to cutting-edge technology.

Pediatrics is an often overlooked specialty. But at long last, innovation is coming to Pediatrics, and it’s changing the way you operate and provide care for our youth. We’ve invited the top Pediatric Innovation leaders to discuss the latest in innovation, where the industry is headed and what it means for you. Join the Pediatric Innovation Summit. Ask your questions. Become better practitioners.


Kate Donovan

Kate Donovan is the Clinical Director of Immersive Technologies at Boston Children’s Hospital and holds a Ph.D. in technology and innovation from MIT.


Etan Walls

Etan Walls is the COO of Allied Physicians Group, a New York based group of premier primary care independent physicians and pediatricians whose mission is to provide high quality healthcare and exceptional patient service.


Grant Porter

Grant Porter is dedicated to working with healthcare organizations to drive better patient care, workflow, and financial outcomes at CHADIS.


Kevon Saber

Kevon Saber is the CEO of GoCheck Kids, a pediatric photoscreener that allows pediatricians to prevent permanent vision loss in children by detecting amblyopia risk factors in young children through the use of an iPhone photo.


Moderated By:

Chip Hart

Chip Hart is the Director of PCC’s Pediatric Solutions consulting group. PCC exclusively works to meet the needs of pediatricians nationwide through independent software solutions.


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