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Dr. Roy Benaroch is a pediatrician at Pediatric Physicians, which has 9 providers between their two Georgia locations.

Dr. Benaroch has been a practicing pediatrician since 1998 and is a published author of 2 books, a contributor to WebMD, and enjoys educating parents on Twitter.

Dr. Roy Benaroch vision screens with GoCheck Kids

Motivation to Start Screening?

“Part of my motivation to vision screen stems from several people in my family being affected by amblyopia. Pediatricians like me don’t have the skills or tools to catch many vision risks. We began screening with an expensive and large device but stopped using it because its false positive rate was unacceptable.”


gocheck kids pediatric vision screener

Rationale for Switching to GoCheck Kids: Clinical Data – It’s a No Brainer

“After reviewing the clinical data, we signed up for GoCheck Kids. Immediately, we experienced better discrimination. GoCheck picks up risks for long-term, uncorrectable vision problems. We also noticed right away how much faster it is to learn and use than the competitive device. Using GoCheck Kids is almost a no-brainer; there wasn’t any need for extensive training.”


Other Benefits: Child-Friendly, Great Economics and Excellent Support    

“Our team also appreciates how friendly and intuitive the tool is for children. They’re used to having their photos taken with a smartphone. We screen over 2,000 children per year – it’s extremely rare a child won’t cooperate. Aggregate reimbursements are also more than adequate to cover the costs and nurse’s time. The service has also been fantastic. It’s been comforting to get emails from GoCheck’s team about the images we’ve captured. Whenever we’ve had any questions, the team responds almost instantaneously with a gratifying answer or solution. Further, the software also keeps improving.”


“In summary, GoCheck Kids is reliable, cost-efficient, quick, and easy. We’re very pleased.”

Interested in joining Dr. Benaroch and 4,500 other providers screening young patients for amblyopia risk factors?

Try GoCheck Kids

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