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We help you detect amblyopia risk factors in patients too young for a visual acuity test. Sign up for a free trial and lock in the PedsPal member discount.

All Children Deserve Preventive Care

We help you detect amblyopia risk factors in patients too young for a visual acuity test. Through photoscreening, a test recommended annually by the AAP beginning at ages 1-3, you can fill a care void and ensure children see their full potential.1

Who We Are

GoCheck Kids is a pediatric vision screener on a kid-friendly smartphone device. It combines photoscreening and a visual acuity test on a single application, so that you can meet the American Academy of Pediatrics vision screening guidelines, which now recommend annual photoscreening starting at 1 year of age.²

We are on a mission to screen 20 million children by 2020. Will you join us?

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GoCheck Kids is a Class II 510(k) exempt FDA device as a mobile vision screener that complies with 21 CFR Part 820 and meets the AAP’s definition of an “instrument-based photoscreener.” Our photoscreening procedure is commonly reimbursed using CPT Codes 99174 or 99177.

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 What Pediatric Leaders Are Saying

Cook Children’s

“GoCheck Kids allows us to provide photoscreening of visual axes in infants and toddlers. We explored a few options but picked GoCheck because it produces immediate results, is easy to use, and is the most affordable option. Purchase GoCheck Kids if you want to provide the best vision standard of care for your young patients.”

Dr. Jason Terk – Pediatrician and PedsPal Member

Dr Jason V. Terk
Dr. Pamela Gallin

NY Presbyterian – Columbia University Medical Center

You can’t beat GoCheck’s ease of use and friendly economics.  I highly recommend vision screening with GoCheck Kids.

Dr. Pamela Gallin – Pediatric Ophthalmologist

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1. Donahue, Sean. “The Role of Technology in Routine Vision Screening of Infants and Young Children – A New Policy Statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Places Heavy Emphasis on Photoscreening to Detect Treatable Vision Defects”. NEONATOLOGY TODAY (2016): NEONATOLOGY TODAY. May 2016.