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Early vision screening is fundamental, but screening your patient’s early and routinely is critical in detecting amblyopia risk factors that may cause childhood blindness.

Vision often changes as children develop. By photoscreening and testing visual acuity throughout childhood—starting at age 1 per the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)— you’ll help detect vision issues and prevent permanent vision loss in your young patients.1

The importance of early and consistent vision screening is validated by these two cases:

A 3-Year-Old Patient With Anisometropia


A recent photoscreen from a practice in Florida helped identify anisometropia in this 3-year-old patient, demonstrating the importance of including photoscreening as part of the well-check exam.

As a result of this and other similar results, the practice has now made it standard practice to use GoCheck Kids to photoscreen for vision issues in their patients who are not old enough for a visual acuity test (wall chart).

The practitioner stated that the child’s amblyopia risk factors

“would likely have been missed without GoCheck Kids until he was old enough to do a routine vision exam.”

A 2-Year-Old Patient With Anisometropia

anisometropia gocheck kids

Another photoscreen from “Childhood Health Associates of Salem” in Oregon shows the importance of early and routine vision screenings.

GoCheck Kids helped catch anisometropia in this 2-year-old, which would not have been possible otherwise. As a result of the positive effects that the practice has seen, all children aged 1 to 4 are now routinely tested for amblyopia risk factors by photoscreening at their patient’s annual well-check exams.

Amblyopia Prevention

More than 2,500 providers and multiple health systems all over the country photoscreen their young patients regularly with GoCheck Kids to detect amblyopia risk factors.

This is critical since amblyopia treatment efficacy declines at age 5.

Join your peers that are making a commitment to prevent permanent vision loss by joining the movement to screen 20 million kids by 2020.

Click the button below. Sign up. We ship you iPhones. You start screening in minutes.

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