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Stephanie Messercola
Sep 22, 2017

Why Glen Falls Pediatrics Chose GoCheck Kids for Vision Screening

Kevon: Stephanie, how did you start looking for a vision screener? Stephanie: With our old standalone device breaking down regularly, we looked into GoCheck Kids after seeing it featured in a journal. Immediately we liked the convenient size and pricing….

Jul 17, 2017

Why Did Pediatric Physicians Switch to GoCheck Kids?

Motivation to Start Screening? “Part of my motivation to vision screen stems from several people in my family being affected by amblyopia. Pediatricians like me don’t have the skills or tools to catch many vision risks. We began screening with…

dr. nathasha burgert gocheck kids
May 24, 2017

How Did Pediatric Associates Meet AAP’s Vision Screening Policy?

There are 3 reasons we selected and love GoCheck Kids: Provide the best care for our kids It didn’t take long to realize we made the right choice. Our first positive result was a total surprise. She had significant eye…