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young girl
Jul 30, 2018

Compare Gocheck Kids, Spot Vision Screener, Plusoptix, iScreen

Looking for a photoscreener to detect amblyopia risk factors in children too young for a visual acuity test? Below, we compare the top photoscreeners using four main components: workflow efficiency, clinical efficacy, cost over time, and modernized security. Overview 5...

pediatric vision screening myths
Dec 20, 2017

Top 5 Pediatric Vision Screening Myths

In the U.S., vision disorders are the most prevalent disabling condition in children.¹ This is partly due to the fact that only 30% of children receive adequate vision screening.² These statistics should speak loudly, but for many pediatricians, assumptions about...

photoscreening for amblyopia risk factors
Oct 11, 2017

What Is Ocular Photoscreening And Why Are Pediatricians Adopting?

Photoscreening is a pediatric vision screening technique wherein a camera and flash are used to determine refractive errors and identify risk factors for amblyopia.1 A photoscreener detects amblyopic risk factors such as hyperopia, myopia, and anisometropia and estimates their severity....

leading pediatric vision screeners
May 9, 2017

Compare The Leading Pediatric Vision Screeners

The Top Photoscreeners: Which One Is Right for You? Are you considering a photoscreener for your pediatric practice? Early detection and treatment of vision problems are critical in order to help prevent permanent vision loss, and the American Academy of...

early and routine pediatric vision screening
Jan 12, 2017

Great Catches: The Value of Early and Routine Vision Screening

Early vision screening is fundamental, but screening your patient’s early and routinely is critical in detecting amblyopia risk factors that may cause childhood blindness. Vision often changes as children develop. By photoscreening and testing visual acuity throughout childhood—starting at age 1 per…