Photoscreening for Pediatric Practices

Learn how photoscreening can detect amblyopia risk factors in children too young for a visual acuity test and why the AAP has endorsed it.

What is Photoscreening?

Photoscreening is used to determine refractive errors and identify risk factors for amblyopia.1 It detects amblyopic risk factors such as hyperopia, myopia, and anisometropia and estimates their severity.

Photoscreening is a new kind of pediatric vision screening. Unlike a visual acuity test, it allows pediatric care providers to screen preschool children and even younger. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now recommends it beginning at ages 1-3.2

Photoscreening without another bulky medical device.

GoCheck Kids is an FDA-registered pediatric photoscreener. It allows you to detect amblyopia risk factors in children too young for a visual acuity test. It’s been validated in 4 peer-reviewed studies and has detected amblyopia risk factors in over 50,000 children.

Better yet, unlike screening with other devices, it’s as easy as taking a picture with an iPhone. This gives you peace of mind that you aren’t missing children with risk factors, while allowing you to spend the most time possible with your patients.

GoCheck Kids pediatric vision screener vision screening photoscreening photoscreener

Watch This Video to See How It Works

“You’re sort of like the warrior in the battle against kid’s blindness. What tool are you going to use in the battle against amblyopia blindness in your community?”

-Dr. Robert Arnold, Pediatric Ophthalmologist and Former Chairman of Vision Screening Committee for AAPOS

“I became a true believer when my ophthalmoscope showed nothing unusual in a 1-year-old and GoCheck Kids detected severe hyperopia. The pediatric optometrist was grateful that we caught it early.”

Dr. Kody Finstad, Pediatrician at a Health System in Nixa, MO

“GoCheck Kids enabled us to stop missing kids and deliver on the AAP’s guidelines in the most cost- and time-efficient manner. To provide the best care for your kids, vision screen with GoCheck. Your parents will appreciate it.”

Dr. Natasha Burgert, Pediatrician, mom, blogger, and technophile.

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