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GoCheck Kids helps you detect amblyopia risk factors in kids too young for a visual acuity test.

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All Kids Deserve Evidence-Based Preventive Care

The AAP endorses annual photoscreening starting between 1 and 3 years old.1 Amblyopia is the #1 cause of childhood blindness.2 The most common type, refractive amblyopia, is often invisible.3

Fill A Care Void

Detect amblyopia risk factors in children too young for a visual acuity test.

Meet The AAP Guidelines

Meet policy with reimbursement codes and industry-lowest pricing.

Become A Patient Champion

You’ll have a screener that ensures patients see their full potential.

Vision disorders are the #1 disabling condition in children.4

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What Makes GoCheck Kids Different?

When it comes to meeting AAP guidelines and filling care voids, many pediatricians feel stuck due to high device costs, cumbersome workflow requirements, and decreased patient time. GoCheck Kids helps pediatricians detect vision issues at a low cost and with easy deployment so their patients don’t lose their vision or miss developmental milestones.

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Your Detection Plan

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“You’re sort of like the warrior in the battle against kid’s blindness. What tool are you going to use in the battle against amblyopia blindness in your community?”

-Dr. Robert Arnold, Pediatric Ophthalmologist and Former Chairman of Vision Screening Committee for AAPOS

“I became a true believer when my ophthalmoscope showed nothing unusual in a 1-year-old and GoCheck Kids detected severe hyperopia. The pediatric optometrist was grateful that we caught it early.”

Dr. Kody Finstad, Pediatrician at a Health System in Nixa, MO

“GoCheck Kids enabled us to stop missing kids and deliver on the AAP’s guidelines in the most cost- and time-efficient manner. To provide the best care for your kids, vision screen with GoCheck. Your parents will appreciate it.”

Dr. Natasha Burgert, Pediatrician, mom, blogger, and technophile.

Invest In Potential

An all-inclusive monthly subscription means zero risk and no hidden fees.

How many kids are you missing? Vision disorders in kids who are too young for a visual acuity test can place them in danger of losing their vision and missing developmental milestones.

Visionary (Paid Annually)

$149per month per phone
  • iPhone
  • Photoscreening
  • Online Portal
  • Fax to EHR
  • Visual Acuity
  • Training
  • Support
  • Offline Mode


CustomPer Month Per Phone
  • iPhone
  • Photoscreening
  • Online Portal
  • Full EHR Integration
  • Visual Acuity
  • Premium Training
  • Premium Support
  • Offline Mode
  • Phone Protection
  • Volume-Based Discounting
  • Buy Your Own Phones Option
List prices are for USA subscribers. If outside of the USA, contact us here.

Our Vision Agreement

Free trial to evaluate workflow and reimbursement.
Zero upfront costs.
Lowest recurring costs.
Cancel anytime.
Remote analyses to minimize false positives.
Subscription pricing so you can screen everyone.
Warranty, support, and software upgrades included.

Is GoCheck Kids Reimbursed?

Yes, it is commonly reimbursed under CPT codes 99177 and 99174.

Is GoCheck Kids Easy To Use?

Yes, it’s like taking a picture with an iPhone and the online portal and EHR integration capability cuts admin time in half or more.

Is GoCheck Kids Clinically Validated?

Yes, it has been clinically validated in four peer-reviewed studies and is trusted by over 4,500 pediatricians.

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