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How do you know if the world is blurry to a young child?

Children needing vision correction rarely complain of symptoms. Visual acuity charts are easy to use but have limitations for young children. GoCheck Kids photoscreener is the only one built around a smartphone and qualifies for both CPT codes - the broadest opportunity to be reimbursed for photoscreening.

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Check Kids’ Vision Before They Can Read An Eye Chart

The American Academy of Pediatrics vision screening policies recommend instrument-based screening as early as 12 months with photoscreening being the most common type.

At Under A Minute, It’s Faster Than Visual Acuity Chart Testing. 

And it takes place at a shorter distance, ideal for exam rooms. It’s not invasive, and no dilation is necessary. It’s as easy as taking a photo with a flash.

The GoCheck Kids photoscreener is the only one built around a smartphone. Our software evaluates the image’s light reflection pattern and scores for different risk factors. The pediatrician decides whether to refer the child for a comprehensive eye exam.


Used by Leading Pediatric Organizations


What They Are Saying About Us

“GoCheck Kids is reliable, cost-efficient, quick, and easy. Immediately we noticed how much faster GoCheck Kids is to learn and use than the previous device we used. It’s practically a no-brainer.”

Dr. Roy Benaroch

Pediatrician, Pediatric Physicians


Early Detection, Better Outcomes


Our screener detects the presence of conditions that are risk factors for amblyopia, including:

Asymmetrical refraction 
Eye misalignment
Earlier treatment means better outcomes. Children start off right in preschool, kindergarten, and grade school. That can affect the trajectory of their lives.

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Deciding if a photoscreener is right for your practice? 

Does it integrate with your electronic health record?
Does it offer the best return on investment for your practice?
Is it easy to use?

The answers are yes with GoCheck Kids. 


Two-way electronic health integration—upload patients into the app & immediately upload results to the patient record


No capital expenditures – subscription pricing with regular updates


Instant Results


Configurable pricing to provide the most value to your pediatric network


Easily fits into your workflow, saving time, improving quality of care, improving capacity for care


GoCheck Kids is the only screener that qualifies for both photoscreening CPT codes.

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