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Simplify Screening Management With Practice Admin Portal

The GoCheck Kids portal gives you easy access to the information you need for clinical quality management and standardization: analytics, risk factors, monitoring, and utilization. 

Analytics, Monitoring and Comprehensive Management

The portal incorporates the real-time capture of results, provides robust reporting and analytics to provide oversight and monitor screening, as well as self-service tools to support ease of management.

From a process perspective, the portal allows you to:


Access Population, Clinic,
And Patient Data


View/Manage Patient Info

  • Bulk upload of patients to device
  • Paperless results to patient file (eFax)
  • View screening results outside of the device

Monitoring and Tracking

  • Utilization tracking and reporting for all locations
  • Monitor adherence to clinic’s screening policy

Self-Service Tools

  • Online training
  • Manage account
  • Add / remove users
  • Unlock / reset passwords

Stay On Top of Every Detail

A sample of some of the reports you’ll have access to:

  • Progress snapshot
  • Photoscreening report - daily & monthly
  • Photoscreening utilization report
  • Visual acuity report
  • Utilization numbers for the account collectively and by location

Always Accessible and Up-To-Date

With the GoCheck Kids cloud-based practice admin portal, there’s nothing to install or maintain. It’s always there at your fingertips. And, being cloud-based, software updates are automatic.