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Vision Screener with Bi-Directional, Secure EHR Integration


GoCheck Kids’ seamless integration into existing systems makes it easy for busy staff to adopt and embrace. Save valuable clinical time and reduce chart errors too.

No disruption of the current workflow

No manual entry of patient information

Screening results are automatically uploaded to the patient’s health record

Less time loading and uploading data with bulk uploads

Easy referral reporting between pediatrics and ophthalmology

Improved workflow for physician’s review of patient charts

Save Time (Don’t Add Time)

The growing number of requirements and guidelines are challenging to fit into each day or each office visit. Staff is juggling so much. GoCheck Kids’ two-way (bi-directional) EHR integration has proven to save time, not add time.

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Case Study: "Children's Primary Care Medical Group, Inc. Integrates GoCheck Kids with Epic and Eliminates 1,310 Hours of Administrative Burden Each Year. ”

See how CPCMG eliminates over 1,300 hours of administrative work annually with GoCheck Kids' Epic integration.



A Strong and Growing List

GoCheck Kids supports Integration with:

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What They Are Saying About Us

“Smooth operations and process efficiency are vital for our pediatric practices to function effectively. EHR integration is a huge part of that. GoCheck Kids’ Epic integration has saved our clinics significant time, so now they don’t need to choose between optimal workflow and following clinical best practices.14”

Dr. Michael Jacobson

Chief Digital Officer, Children's Primary Care Medical Group