Protect Kids from Preventable Vision Impairment and Blindness

GoCheck Kids helps primary care networks implement cost-effective and bidirectionally integrated pediatric vision screening.

Protecting Kids from Preventable Vision Impairment and Blindness With:

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Vision Impairment:

The #1 disabling childhood condition in USA1

Leads to learning disabilities and blindness2,3,4

Almost always treatable if detected early5,6

Why Aren’t Most Kids Detected Even Though Early Screening is Standard of Care?

Historically, pediatric vision screening devices have been:

  • Capital intensive
  • Non-integrated
  • Difficult to scale
  • Hard to operate

GoCheck Kids

We ship you iPhones. Our technology and clinical experts ensure your success.

gocheck kids photoscreening a young girl in the pediatric office
  • All inclusive subscription pricing. Healthy ROI via CPT code reimbursement.
  • Bidirectional EHR Integration
  • Easily standardized throughout a network
  • Modern and familiar device and interface

“In our primary care practices, we’ve found that when we bring together clinical quality and advanced technology, we can deliver state-of-the-art healthcare more efficiently to reduce friction and create a better patient care experience. GoCheck Kids is doing that with a solution that provides exceptional clinical results with a high return on investment.”

Dr. Jonathan Miller, Medical Director of Value-Based Care
Nemours Children’s Health System

Your Complete Vision Screening Solution

Download the Free eBook, “Pediatric Vision Photoscreening: An Evidence-Based Overview”

Learn about photoscreening, pediatric vision disorder prevalence, and tips for starting a vision screening program.


Protect kids’ vision and learning potential and increase quality metrics by meeting the AAP, AAPOS and AAO vision screening recommendations. Providers receive instant results with your choice of partnering with clinical experts through remote image analysis.


Pediatric vision screening doesn’t have to be a loss-leader. With GoCheck Kids, you can generate revenue through CPT Codes 99173, 99174, and 99177. With no capital expenditure and an all inclusive subscription, your network will experience a healthy ROI.

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GoCheck Kids’ bidirectional EHR integration and familiar device and operating system means delighted providers and parents. Learn how we partner to plan your vision screening program and ensure a successful implementation.

Protect Kids' Vision
  • 1 in 4 kids have a vision problem.
  • If untreated, they can lead to learning disabilities, blindness and even death.
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye) is the leading cause of vision loss in kids.
  • Amblyopia is almost always treatable if detected early.
  • Treatment efficacy declines starting at age 5.
  • Early screening and detection are key.
GoCheck Kids Results with parent and kid

GoCheck Kids helps your pediatric service line increase quality metrics and protect children from irreversible vision loss

Generate ROI
  • Broadly reimbursed with CPT Codes 99173, 99174, and 99177.
  • No capital expenditure and flat subscription means low barrier to entry and immediate 3-10x ROI.
  • Drive quality referrals to eye specialists.7
  • Improve compensation in Value Based Payment models.
Screening a Patient with GoCheck Kids

Pediatric vision screening doesn't have to be a loss-leader for your organization

Increase Provider Satisfaction
  • Bidirectional EHR integration
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Robust reporting and dashboards
  • NPS Score over 70
GoCheck Kids Practice Admin Portal

A smarter vision screening solution powered by technology and clinical experts

Gain Competitive Edge
  • Strengthen brand and competitive position by leveraging innovative technology.
  • Provide the highest level of care for children.
  • Meet or exceed the screening standard of care as defined by the AAP, AAPOS, and AAO.
Showing GoCheck Kids Results to Parent and Child

Schedule a 25 minute discovery call to provide leading practice vision screening for your pediatricians

“We explored a few options but picked GoCheck Kids because it produces immediate results, is easy to use, and is the most cost-effective option.”

Dr. Jason Terk, Pediatric Leader
Cook Children’s

The World’s Only Pediatric Vision Screener with Bidirectional EHR Integration

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is GoCheck Kids Clinically Valid?

Yes. It’s FDA-registered and backed by peer reviewed literature and leading pediatric ophthalmologists.

Do We Have to Buy Equipment?

No. We provide the equipment which means you do not have to undergo a capital expenditure or take on large risk.

Is GoCheck Kids Available Outside the USA?

Yes. We have customers in Europe and have expanded our international team.

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