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pediatric vision screening myths
Dec 20, 2017

Top Pediatric Vision Screening Myths

In the U.S., vision disability is the most prevalent disability in children.¹ This is partly due to the fact that only 30% of children receive adequate vision screening.² These statistics should speak loudly, but for many pediatricians, assumptions about vision...

photoscreening for amblyopia risk factors
Oct 11, 2017

What is Ocular Photoscreening and why are pediatricians adopting?

Photoscreening is a pediatric vision screening technique wherein a camera is used to determine refractive errors and identify risk factors for amblyopia.7 A photoscreener detects amblyopic risk factors such as hyperopia, myopia, and anisometropia and measures their severity. The Vision…

Glen Falls Pediatrics chooses GoCheck Kids for vision screening
Sep 22, 2017

Why Glen Falls Pediatrics Chose GoCheck Kids for Vision Screening

Kevon: Stephanie, how did you start looking for a vision screener? Stephanie: With our old standalone device breaking down regularly, we looked into GoCheck Kids after seeing it featured in a journal. Immediately we liked the convenient size and pricing….

gocheck kids and AAP
Sep 7, 2017

AAP Vision Screening Guidelines Prevent Permanent Vision Loss

The AAP Vision Screening Guidelines revision was released two years ago. It was released to recommend photoscreening as a clinically valid method to fill a care void. You often can’t detect refractive risk factors during a physical exam. This means…

Jul 17, 2017

Why Did Pediatric Physicians Switch to GoCheck Kids?

Motivation to Start Screening? “Part of my motivation to vision screen stems from several people in my family being affected by amblyopia. Pediatricians like me don’t have the skills or tools to catch many vision risks. We began screening with…

what is amblyopia
Jun 2, 2017

Amblyopia: Definition, Risk Factors, and Preventing Vision Loss

What is amblyopia? Amblyopia definition: one eye’s vision has been reduced because the eye and the brain have not been working together properly.  This condition usually begins when someone’s two eyes have different strengths.  As the brain favors the strong…

dr. nathasha burgert screens with gocheck kids
May 24, 2017

How Did Pediatric Associates Meet AAP’s Vision Screening Policy?

There are 3 reasons we selected and love GoCheck Kids: Provide the best care for our kids It didn’t take long to realize we made the right choice. Our first positive result was a total surprise. She had significant eye…

leading pediatric vision screeners
May 9, 2017

Compare The Leading Pediatric Vision Screeners

The top photoscreeners: Which one is right for you? Are you considering a photoscreener for your pediatric practice? Early detection and treatment of vision problems are critical in order to help prevent permanent vision loss, and the American Academy of...

early and routine pediatric vision screening
Jan 12, 2017

Great Catches: The Value of Early and Routine Vision Screening

Early vision screening is fundamental, but screening your patient’s early and routinely is critical in detecting amblyopia risk factors that may cause childhood blindness. Vision often changes as children develop. By photoscreening and testing visual acuity throughout childhood—starting at age 1 per…

digital visual acuity test
Aug 17, 2016

Digital Visual Acuity Test – Goodbye Snellen Chart

We built a more convenient, effective way to calculate visual acuity, and we are very excited to launch our interactive Digital Visual Acuity test. Here is a pediatrician administering our digital visual acuity test to a patient: Visual Acuity basics:…