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gocheck kids and AAP
Jan 3, 2020

AAP Vision Screening Guidelines Prevent Permanent Vision Loss

In January 2016, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released the “Visual System Assessment in Infants, Children, and Young Adults by Pediatricians”.1 This comprehensive clinical report is an updated vision screening policy statement for pediatricians. It was co-authored by the...

Picture of young girl facing camera
Dec 2, 2019

Compare Gocheck Kids, Spot Vision Screener, Plusoptix, iScreen

Looking for a photoscreener to detect amblyopia risk factors in children too young for a visual acuity test? Below, we compare the top photoscreeners using four main components: cost-effectiveness, clinical efficacy, workflow efficiency, and modernized security. Overview 5 years is...

ICD-10 vision screening codes
Nov 19, 2019

ICD-10 Is Here! Your Guide To Vision Screening Codes

ICD-10 has been in effect since  Oct 1, 2015. To help you save time, here is your quick guide to potential diagnosis codes for pediatric vision screening, showing ICD-9, and the ICD-10 equivalents. Remember, GoCheck Kids photoscreening can be reimbursed…

Pediatrician in clinic with mom and kid
Sep 2, 2019

GoCheck Kids Screens One Million Kids For Vision Impairment

GoCheck Kids iPhone App makes children’s vision screening cost-effective, improves the patient experience and drives significant clinical and financial value for leading health systems NASHVILLE, TN – GoCheck, creator of GoCheck Kids, an iPhone app used by over 6,500 pediatric…

Jul 1, 2019

Donato Tramuto, CEO of Tivity Health, Joins GoCheck Kids’ Board of Directors

CEO of multi-billion dollar healthcare lifestyle company joins board of directors to protect the potential of kids everywhere NASHVILLE, TN (July 2, 2019) – GoCheck, creator of GoCheck Kids, an iPhone app used by over 4,500 pediatricians that screens for vision…

Jun 11, 2019

GoCheck Kids Partners with Allied Physicians Group to Protect Kids with Vision Screening Technology

GoCheck Kids selected as photoscreening provider for one of the largest private medical partnerships in the New York metro area NASHVILLE, TN​ (June 10, 2019) – GoCheck, creator of ​GoCheck Kids​, an iPhone app used by over 4,500 pediatricians that…

GoCheck Kids pediatric vision screener vision screening photoscreening photoscreener
May 16, 2019

GoCheck Kids Completes $6 Million Series B Investment to Fight America’s $23 Billion Vision Crisis

The investment will add Apple’s AI capabilities and accelerate further EHR integration NASHVILLE, TN (Apr. 25, 2019) – GoCheck, creator of GoCheck Kids, an iPhone app used by over 4,500 pediatricians that screen for vision impairment in pre-verbal children, announced…

featured image for top pediatric care changers blog post. Baby crawling on floor smiling.
May 7, 2018

The Top Pediatric Care (Game) Changers

Like a massive earthquake, when someone “changes the game,” it is felt around the world. It is revolutionary, thought-provoking, and inspirational. What game-changers come to your mind? For me, it was Michael Jordan changing the way basketball teams operate, Henry…

pediatric vision screening myths
Dec 20, 2017

Top 5 Pediatric Vision Screening Myths

In the U.S., vision disorders are the most prevalent disabling condition in children.¹ This is partly due to the fact that only 30% of children receive adequate vision screening.² These statistics should speak loudly, but for many pediatricians, assumptions about...

photoscreening for amblyopia risk factors
Oct 11, 2017

What Is Ocular Photoscreening And Why Are Pediatricians Adopting?

Photoscreening is a pediatric vision screening technique wherein a camera and flash are used to determine refractive errors and identify risk factors for amblyopia.1 A photoscreener detects amblyopic risk factors such as hyperopia, myopia, and anisometropia and estimates their severity....