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GoCheck Kids Reviews

Dr.-J-MillerNemours Children’s Health System

“In our primary care practices, we’ve found that when we bring together clinical quality and advanced technology, we can deliver state-of-the-art healthcare more efficiently to reduce friction and create a better patient care experience. GoCheck Kids is doing that with a solution that provides exceptional clinical results with a high return on investment.”

Dr. Jonathan Miller – Medical Director of Value-Based Care



natasha-burgert-253x203Pediatric Associates

“GoCheck Kids enabled us to stop missing kids and deliver on the AAP’s guidelines in the most cost- and time-efficient manner. To provide the best care for your kids, vision screen with GoCheck. Your parents will appreciate it.”

Dr. Natasha Burgert – Pediatrician




“As much as 80% of early learning is visual, and early vision issues can lead to learning disabilities. Pediatricians have long needed a reliable, fast, and cost-efficient way to detect vision risks affecting almost 1 in 4 children. GoCheck Kids has met this need with their innovative smartphone solution.”

Dr. Alan Greene – Pediatrician



janice-loeffler-253x203South Georgia Medical Center

“I cannot have a better screening tooling in my hands as of now.”

Dr. Janice Loeffler – Pediatrician




NY Presbyterian – Columbia University Medical Center

“Vision loss in children is a national health crisis rarely talked about. I highly recommend vision screening with GoCheck Kids. There’s no other screener meeting AAP and AAPOS guidelines for photoscreening and visual acuity from birth through adolescence. You also can’t beat GoCheck’s ease of use and friendly economics.”

Dr. Pamela Gallin – Pediatric Ophthalmologist



Roy-BenarochPediatric Physicians

“In summary, GoCheck Kids is reliable, cost-efficient, quick, and easy. We’re very pleased.”

Dr. Roy Benaroch – Pediatrician




Kody_Finstad-253x203Health System in Nixa, MO

“GoCheck Kids is simple, efficient and accurate. We love that it’s on a smartphone, not a huge piece of equipment.”

Dr. Kody Finstad – Pediatrician



Julia-White-1-253x203Robertson Pediatrics

“Overall we have been pleased with Gocheck Kids. It works well and is clinically effective. Parents also really like the screening.”

Dr. Julia White – Pediatrician