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GoCheck Kids Vision Screening

Advancing Early Detection for Better Outcomes

GoCheck Kids streamlines multiple pediatric screenings into one efficient solution.


See GoCheck Kids’ Impact

Watch a video about how photoscreening can help prevent critical vision impairment.

Our Unique Approach to Vision Screening

Compact Digital Vision Screening Platform

Quickly and easily performs Photoscreening AND Visual Acuity Testing

Secure Web

A secure, central data storage to monitor and manage your screening program

Each Customer Has A Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Evaluating your clinic to optimize your workflow and ensure clinical success

A  Powerful Pediatric Screening Platform 

GoCheck Kids delivers both photoscreening and visual acuity tests securely integrated with a cloud-based administrative portal that syncs with leading EHR solutions. With GoCheck Kids, you’ll spend more time with your patients by reducing administrative burden.

EHR Integration

Addressing A Major Gap In Early Vision Care

Vision impairment is a serious issue in young children. This standard of care is often unmet due to busy workflow and staff turnover.

A top disabling childhood condition in USA1


Leads to learning disabilities and


Less than 40% of children age 5 and under have had their vision tested3

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  2. “Amblyopia, not strabismus, identified as key contributor to slow reading in school-age" children”
  3. "Children’s Vision Screening and Intervention"

Download the Free eBook, “Pediatric Vision Photoscreening: An Evidence-Based Overview”

Learn about photoscreening, pediatric vision disorder prevalence, and tips for starting a photoscreening program.

MKT-DOC-335 Rev 01 


GoCheck Kids Offers Benefits For Everyone


Protect Kids

Protect kids’ vision and learning potential and increase quality metrics by meeting the AAP, AAPOS and AAO vision screening recommendations. Providers receive instant results and can choose to partner with clinical experts through remote image analysis.1



Generate ROI

A benefit of screening with GoCheck Kids is improved workflow efficiency. With screenings taking less than a minute, our customers can experience a reduced administrative burden. Private practices and health systems may be eligible for reimbursement through procedure codes 99173, 99174, and 99177. With no capital expenditure and an all-inclusive subscription, your network can experience a healthy ROI.



Increase Satisfaction

GoCheck Kids is an iPhone-based vision screening solution which means it is familiar to children, parents, and the person administering the vision screening. Thousands of pediatricians, schools, Head Start programs, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and screening organizations trust GoCheck Kids. 



Used by Leading Pediatric Organizations


What They Are Saying About Us

“The availability of GoCheck Kids is particularly intriguing. Its photoscreening functionality efficiently detects risk factors for amblyopia in real-time. A real advantage of GoCheck Kids is that it is a mobile application and, therefore, portable, affordable, and easily accessible… For a monthly subscription, a physician is provided unlimited utilization.13”

Dr. Sean P. Donahue

Chief of Pediatric Ophthalmology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Experience GoCheck Kids Risk-Free for 30 Days

Seeing is believing. See why thousands of providers have used GoCheck Kids to screen over 5 million children.