Leveraging Science and Smartphone Technology

The world’s first and only comprehensive vision screening app to perform photoscreening and digital visual acuity using a smartphone.


Vision Risk Detection Using a Single Photo

Using proprietary software in combination with a smartphone’s camera and flash, GoCheck Kids detects and analyzes an image of a child’s “red” reflex to help you determine refractive risk factors for amblyopia in real time.

Digital Visual Acuity

Efficient Screening That’s Engaging for Kids

Our Digital Visual Acuity test is gamified and uses motion sensors. Children match age-appropriate optotyes that get progressively smaller. Upon completion, visual acuity is calculated. Providers can choose between threshold or critical line acuity.

A Clinically Validated Screening Solution

Leading pediatric ophthalmologists have studied GoCheck Kids and found its specificity and sensitivity equal to high-cost vision screeners.¹


Specificity 85%
Sensitivity 80%
Inconclusives 4%


Specificity 88%
Sensitivity 75%
Inconclusives 13%


Specificity 88%
Sensitivity 83%
Inconclusives 23%

GoCheck Kids

Specificity 91%
Sensitivity 81%
Inconclusives 3%

Peer Tested, Peer Approved

Over 230,000 screenings (and counting) have been performed. Independent pediatricians, health systems, and schools use GoCheck Kids. Leading doctors have endorsed GoCheck Kids. Learn about our medical advisory board »

Results Similar to Clinician-Based Findings

Compared to the results of professional eye examinations, our Digital Visual Acuity test effectively identifies school-aged children with visual impairment.²

Designed by an Ophthalmologist

GoCheck Kids was co-invented by renowned ophthalmologist David Huang, MD, PhD (16 issued patents).

Optimized for Specificity

GoCheck Kids has high specificity, which helps reduce unnecessary false-positive referrals.