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A Comprehensive Vision Screening Solution



AAP, AAPOS, and AAO recommended screening starting as early as age 1.1 GoCheck Kids photoscreening test is clinically validated for ages 1-6.2 It takes less than 1 minute on average and is performed at the well-child visit.


Nurse or tech takes photo during well-child visit

GoCheck Kids Photoscreening screen

App identifies risk factors and referral decision is made

GoCheck Kids Photoscreening Risk Factors screen with EHR Integration

Photoscreening doesn’t cut into your already limited time with patients. Contact a success manager to get started today.

Visual Acuity

First attempted when children are 4 years old as recommended by the AAP, AAPOS and AAO.1 The GoCheck Kids digital visual acuity test alleviates clunky wall chart workflows, removes tester bias, and eliminates the ability to cheat. The visual acuity testing logic in GoCheck Kids is designed to be as effective as visual acuity testing in a pediatric ophthalmology setting. It employs standardized protocols based on national guidelines with results independent of the administrator’s vision screening experience.3,4


Children match the optotypes through a game much like “heads up”. There are two testing options to fit your workflow and screening protocol: Threshold, where the child is required to read the lines from the top down until he or she incorrectly identifies 3 of 5 optotypes, and Critical Line, where the child attempts to read only the line designated for his or her age.

Digital visual acuity can increase workflow efficiency and clinical effectiveness of your visual acuity protocol. Contact a success manager to get started today.

“Detecting [eye] issues in young kids has always been tough, [but] GoCheck Kids is very quick and efficient, which makes both the patients and their parents very happy.”

Dr. April Mattingly, Pediatrician
Norton Children’s

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Delighted Operators, Providers, and Parents

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The iPhone’s weight, size, and OS enable industry-leading ease of use, portability, and deployment simplicity.


Medical devices break down over time. GoCheck Kids is on a modern OS and in the cloud. It continuously delivers ever-richer EHR integration, machine learning, and UX upgrades.

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Build reports and dashboards to see the impact GoCheck Kids is having on your physicians and the communities they serve.

“Immediately we noticed how much faster GoCheck Kids is to learn and use than the previous device we used. It’s practically a no brainer.”

Dr. Roy Benaroch, Pediatrician
Pediatric Physicians, PC

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