Simple Workflow and Integration

Easy to learn, fast to use, and kid-friendly smartphone design.  Our cloud-based system also reduces staff workload by communicating directly with EHRs.

How It Works

  1. Add or select patient
  2. Take photo
  3. Immediate result
  4. Send to EHR

For Health Systems and large practices, GoCheck Kids can bi-directionally interface with your EHR.

Since we are a cloud-based system, we have the ability to continuously monitor screenings and provide valuable feedback as necessary.

The Only Mobile Vision Screener

Small, portable, fits any workflow and can be used by anyone in the practice.


Photoscreening uses a single photo, provides immediate results and Digital Visual Acuity is engaging for children.

Intuitive Onboarding

It’s a mobile app!


Private, secure, and in the cloud

Success Stories

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